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starPlanIt is the future of lesson planning available today! With starPlanIt's simple interface, lesson planning on the computer is easy and convenient. The powerful standards feature lets you keep track of which standards your lessons fulfill and instantly print out a report.

starPlanIt makes lesson planning a snap! Download a free 10-day demo today.

Easy to Use

Lesson plan software shouldn't be complex or difficult to use. That's why starPlanIt emulates the appearance and functionality of a paper planbook, while making it easy to take advantage of advanced features.

Track Standards Automatically

Many schools require teachers to track the standards they teach on a daily basis and compile a summary. For most teachers, this is a painstaking process that can take hours.

With starPlanIt, it's easy to automatically track standards; just click to enter them for the days you are teaching them.

Print Standards Summaries

Hand in hand with the standards tracking feature is the Standards Summary window, which lets you view all the standards you are teaching at a glance. It even includes the time spent on each standard and a list of the standards you haven't yet fulfilled. Print out the report on paper for record-keeping.

Advanced Scheduling Options

We understand scheduling isn't always straightforward. starPlanIt allows you to specify the schedule for individual classes, individual weekdays, and even a different schedule for every day. No matter how different your schedule is, starPlanIt can handle it.

Powerful Printing

It's easy to print customized reports featuring several unique options. Drag to reorder rows in any arrangement. You can even make items in your printed report bold, italic, or change the font and alignment. With options like these, it's a snap to create professional reports.

Skip a Day in One Click

Every school misses a day at least once in a while. It's simple to rearrange your plans to fit a missed day; just right click on the day and choose "No school". That's it—no erasing, no rewriting.

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