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About starQuiz NetClient
starQuiz includes an exciting option—the ability to give a quiz over a network. You can set up the starQuiz software on a server computer. If you install the starQuiz NetClient software on the computers that students will be using, they can connect to the server and take the quiz. This allows you to give a quiz to your entire class at once; install the starQuiz NetClient software on all the computers in a lab and the starQuiz software on your server, and you're ready to go!

starQuiz NetClient is a free download.

Download starQuiz NetClient
starQuiz NetClient 3.6.12 for Windows
(Windows 2000 or later recommended)

starQuiz NetClient 3.6.12 for Mac OS X

starQuiz NetClient 3.2.3 for Mac OS 8 or 9

Have questions about setting up or using starQuiz NetClient? E-mail us at